Young Church

Young Church meets 11am every Sunday morning. We go into the church and join with everyone for the first part of the service. After the 'All Age Talk' we go through to the hall where we continue learning about the stories and people of The Bible. We always have fun taking part in whatever activity we have planned for that day. 

We enjoy outings in the Summer, taking part in the Mothers Day and Fathers Day services, Christmas parties and of course the Nativity Play. 

All children up to the age of 16 will be made very welcome. 


We had a great time leading up to Christmas with our party and then a very successful Nativity. 

Since coming back we have been working our way through the books of the Old Testament. Every week we have an activity related to the Old Testament and we are hoping to have an Open Day for members of the congregation to come along and see how talented we are!! 

We will be planning our Mothers’ Day gifts and Easter activities soon. We have already planned our Young Church Summer day out but we will let you know about that in the next update.

Thank you to everyone who supports Young Church and we are very grateful for the many gifts and donations we receive.